A tribute to Pastor Wayne Mordue

God’s community warrior, servant and children’s ministry leader

Wayne was a man faith; faith in God and faith in people. He loved his God; he loved his family; he loved his church; and he loved his community. He knew God’s calling for his life and he walked in that calling. And he finished well.

We offer our deepest condolences to his cherished family; his wife Beverly, son Nathanael and daughter Naomi.        

After pastoring in WA for a number of years, Wayne moved to Raymond Terrace, where he pastored the Baptist Church for six years.  In 2003 he moved to Medowie Baptist Community Church as Associate Pastor.  At Medowie, Wayne took responsibility for children’s ministry and community mission. He was a much loved member of staff and, with his hearty and raucous laugh ever at the ready, you always knew when Wayne was close by.

Wayne’s initiation of, and support for, a multitude of community activities allowed him to be widely regarded as a friend of not just the church, but of the whole Medowie community. He loved to deliver practical care, always helping those in need. Whether it be the Medowie Markets, Christmas Carols, a dawn service for Anzac Day, G’Day Medowie Day, oversight of public school Chaplaincy programs, encouraging combined church activities, or just being present in the community listening to people, Wayne was there doing what he did best: creating, connecting and caring. Denomination meant little. Christ meant everything.

Inside our church, and under Wayne’s leadership, children’s ministry flourished. From multiple playtimes, Ankle-Biters, Knee-Nippers to Grommets, Wayne was constantly searching for, and encouraging, new ways to engage kids in a fun and entertaining ways so that they too could know and love God. Scripting countless drama performances, along with a long list of professional God - loving entertainers, were some of the many ways Wayne fulfilled his calling.


As a preacher, Wayne’s sermons were earthy, encouraging and entertaining. He walked the talk. Anyone who listened to Wayne over an extended period would undoubtedly absorb his favourite one-liners into their own understanding so that, they too, knew what it meant to have “their corpuscles tickled” or have “their boat floated” or “to be up-the-creek in a barbed wire canoe with a pitchfork for a paddle”.

Wayne Mordue was an over comer. Whether it was the challenge of becoming a Pastor, or the health issues that plagued the latter part of his life, Wayne was always focussed on “finishing well”. Wayne was naturally a big man, but when his lymphatic system went haywire he became a giant of a man, along with enduring much suffering, pain and endless treatment. But his generosity and heart for people was bigger than any personal challenge and he persevered; the routine of pressure stockings and hospitalisation never stopped him making a difference in the communities he loved. At times he cared more for others than himself; such was his selfless approach to life.

Over the past few weeks Wayne was in and out of hospital as a result of a series of heart issues.  Due to still not feeling well, again, Wayne went into hospital on Tuesday 17thJanuary, receiving visitors and phone calls that night. However his condition deteriorated very rapidly later that night, and with Bev at his bedside he passed away at about 8.20am on Wednesday 18th due to heart failure.  Wayne is now with Jesus, his Lord and Saviour.

We thank everyone for their words and the pages of heartfelt testimonies from far and wide (local, interstate and international) that have poured in since Wayne has left our midst. He is gone but will never be forgotten. He is loved and his love will continue to shine in everyone that knew him.  His passion was that all people would come to know and love the Jesus who he knew – the same Jesus who empowered Wayne to be the amazing man we love, honour, and remember with such deep affection.

Until we meet again.

Your church family at Medowie Baptist Community Church