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The 'Feel' - What are our church services like?

MBCC is a vibrant community of Jesus-followers, passionate about encourntering God's love in worship, the Bible, creativity, and in each other. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome at our services, and we have a special heart to see children, young people and families growing more like Jesus.
IN THE MORNING: Our worship songs are contemporary and our services usually include stories of what God is doing in people's lives, teaching from the Bible, opportunities for people to be prayed for, and good coffee! Often at our services people receive healing - bodies, hearts, relationships - and they are also encouraged to use their Holy Spirit gifts to help others in the church family. We try to keep it friendly, fun and relaxed - children are encouraged to participate in the first part of the service before leaving to attend their Destiny Kids programmes (only on during term time). You will be invited (not pressured!) to give to our offering, and the service usually runs about one and a half  to two hours (you are free to leave if you get finished before we do!)
IN THE EVENING: Our evenings are even more relaxed (bring your coffee in), and consist of a smaller group who are wanting to really know God and experience His presence in their lives.  Each evening is a little different from the last, and may include a Bible message, extended worship, life stories, prayer, opportunities to listen and respond to God and to use the many Holy Spirit gifts we have been given to help each other grow.