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Welcoming you to our church family

If you are new to the area, checking out church for the first time, or looking for a church to see if we are a 'good fit' - welcome!
If you tell the people who greet you at the door that you are new, they will give you lots of special looking after! Please join us for coffee after the service and ask a local any questions you have about our church family!
Guests are invited to leave their details in the Guest Book at the entrance of the church, so we can contact you and invite you to our newcomers activities.
Partners are people who have attended MBCC for some time, believe in our vision and mission, and want to take their commitment to the MBCC family a step further. By becoming a Parter, they move to another level of intentional relationship, committed serving, giving, and participation in key decision making opportunities of the church.  MBCC Partnership is open to anyone aged 18years and over who is a committed, baptised follower of Jesus. 
For information on becoming a Partner please contact MBCC Admin on 02 4982 9123